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Full Height Shutters

Our bestselling range, Full Height shutters are measured to cover the full length of the window, making a bold statement in any room. They can be fitted as a single panel hinging out from the window or folding together when open to create a concertina-effect which takes up less wall space. A hidden split will offer separate slat control on the top and bottom sections, while a visible mid-rail offers the same flexibility and privacy management along with extra definition.

  • Perfect for windows, doors, or as room dividers

  • A versatile and sophisticated option for any space

  • Offers the ultimate in privacy management

  • Available in all materials

Café Style Shutters

Classic Café Style shutters are designed to give the customer the best of both worlds. Unlike Full Height Shutters, they only cover the lower section of the window, allowing for maximum light with privacy management. Because they are completely bespoke, you can choose exactly how much of the window is covered. It is this flexibility that makes Café Style shutters such a hit with customers.

  • Ideal for street-level rooms and kitchens

  • Perfect for light and privacy management

  • Customisable to cover as much of the window as required

  • Can work in unison with blinds or curtains

  • Available in all materials


Tier-on-Tier Shutters

Also known as “double hung shutters”, tier-on-tier shutters cover the entirety of the window, not unlike Full Height shutters. However, there is one notable difference: tier-on-tier shutters consist of two physically separate sections of panels – top and bottom. This allows for separate opening, meaning one section may hinge open, while the other remains closed, giving ultimate control over light and privacy.

  • Ideal for tall windows

  • More control over light and privacy

  • Available in all hardwood materials

Solid Panel Shutters

The non-louvered option, our Solid Double Raised shutters closely resemble the more traditional shutters of old. So, it is hardly surprising that they are especially popular for windows in older, more traditional homes. Their solid panels are ideal for helping to keep out the light, street-level noise, and they even help to insulate a room. With all these benefits combined with their striking appearance, Solid shutters will work wonders in virtually any room.

  • Perfectly compliment any traditional décor

  • Offers almost total blackout when closed

  • Available in all hardwood materials

  • Available in Café, Full Height, and Tier-on-Tier


Special Shutter Shapes

Whether it be a triangle, circle for round or porthole windows, trapezoid, or arched, our bespoke planation shutters can be fitted onto almost any window. Besides the made-to-measure frames and panels, a variety of hinges and or magnets – for easy opening and securing – are available. So, no matter how awkward the space, there’s a shutter to fit.

  • Fit to virtually any shaped window

  • Can come hinged or magnetised for easy opening

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