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Plantation Shutters Altrincham – Local Company, Superb Reputation

Plantation shutters add style and value to any Altrincham property and are also an incredibly practical choice.

As we will expand upon lower down, shutters have many benefits over curtains and blinds and plantation shutters have further benefits compared to other shutter options.

At Sublime Shutters, we are a local company with a superb reputation – including uniform five star reviews on Google -having carried out high-quality installations in Altrincham and across Cheshire and south Manchester.

We have a highly experienced team who design and install shutters that are a perfect match and fit for your windows.

However, it all starts with a free consultation. If you would like an obligation-free consultation at which we will talk through options, show you samples of our blinds, measure your windows and leave you with a quote to consider at your own leisure please Book A Consultation Online. 

Why Choose Shutters 

Shutters have so many benefits, especially for some of the wonderful housing stock in Altrincham, their style perfectly matches the age of properties. You don’t need us to tell you that Altrincham has a classy feel in keeping with nearby towns such in Trafford such as Sale, from Dunham Massey through to the town centre itself, the market and the housing stock that is home to some 52,000 people.

Plantation shutters in Altrincham

On any of those properties, shutters look superb, a clear upgrade on curtains and blinds and this is often the main reason people choose them. You can see examples of our wonderful shutters in the three galleries linked below.

Full-height shutters. As the name implies, these are shutters that cover the full height of the window.

Tier on tier shutters – This type of Plantation Shutter has separate top and bottom halves, this gives greater flexibility. For example, the top half can be opened to let light in, the bottom shut for privacy. The design of these shutters can be a true wow factor.

Cafe style shutters – Another popular choice, these shutters cover the lower half of the fitted bay window. As well as being an economical choice, they are also perfect where you always want to have light streaming in from the top, but require greater privacy and control of light from the bottom half.

You can also read more about each of the shutter in the shutters style section of the site.

The visual appeal is far from the only reason people choose to upgrade to shutters.

Shutters make it easy to control the amount of light coming in, whether it is slanting them to let light in but maintain privacy, or having them wide open to have the sunlight stream in. The nature of Plantation Shutters, with their larger slats can allow even more light through. The shutters can keep sunlight from fading expensive furniture while the UV resistant finish ensures they do not fade themselves.

Shutters are also incredibly hard wearing and durable – especially quality shutters made and installed by specialists. Our shutters are pure hardwood, unlike some companies where you pay a high price for an inferior product such as MDF.

The north west winters in Altrincham can be cold so a further benefit of shutters, that they help keep the heat in, is welcome. Any room with shutters fitted is a warmer room in winter. While keeping the warmth in, shutters also keep the noise out, muffling all those annoying road and other sounds outside. With shutters, in the summer you can have the sun streaming in, while in winter you can block out the world and keep the cold and noise outside.

When it comes to cleaning, shutters are an improvement too, they simply wipe clean and the dust is gone.

You arrived at this page through a search for Plantation Shutters in Altrincham. Our reputation and track record demonstrates that we are the leading local designer and installer.

Please have a browse of the site and Book Your Obligation-Free Consultation. 

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