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These shutters have been fitted to an angled bay in a Sussex Victorian property. By fitting the shutters using an inside mount, they have utilised the space once used by the sash mechanisms to reduce space and give a great unique look. In keeping with the Victorian design of the home, the stained shutters have been constructed with regular 64mm slats and a central pushrod. 

Faux wood tier on tier

Tier on tier shutters are the perfect design for large, living room windows like these. The full coverage allows maximum privacy for street-level rooms, with the option of opening the top tier to let in all the light. Go for a larger slat and a clearview tilt rod in these faux wood shutters, for a streamline, modern design.

Full hight bedroom

While these shutters have been fitted in an angled bay, due to the large window size the shutters have been fitted using the same method with any bay. Usining the pemplates provide in our pdf here The shutters have been constructed of Poplar wood with clearview tilt rods and finished in a pure white colour to give a bright and airy look. 

box bay shutters

Box bay windows look great with plantation shutters. This office has had full height shutters installed and finished in white, in keeping with the colours of the room. By painting shutters white, you can future-proof any room redecorations, as white will always match the window. Central pushrods and regular 64mm slats have been used to give a traditional feel to this window. 

modern wide panel

These shutters have been constructed with 89mm slats and hidden pushrods for an ultra-modern look. This clean appearance is exaggerated by finishing in a white colour, perfectly suited to the window. 

shutter inside window
full-height-shutters inside.png

This design is exactly what the Fairclough's from Essex required for this lounge side window when construction started on the house next to them. The window has been finished in our white colour with matching white hinges, keeping the traditional look the push rods have been kept on and narrow panels used. 

wide panel bedroom shutters

By removing the pushrods and using wider 89mm slats, these bedroom shutters have an ultra modern look. This ground floor bedroom needed shutters for complete privacy out rear french doors. 

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