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Plantation Shutters in Northenden

Supplying the very best bespoke shutters to homes in Northenden for 5 years

Shutters Prices craft and install high quality plantation shutters to an ever-increasing North-Western customer base. Established in September 2015, we take pride in our great reputation as a shutter company offering friendly yet professional customer care customer care.

Shutters are experiencing an explosion in popularity at the moment, thanks in part to their versatile aesthetic appeal, seamless light control features and ability to fit just about any window or door – no matter the size, shape or complexity.

Shutters Prices offer a wide range of shutters from traditional full height ‘plantation’ shutters to more intricate styles such as tier on tier shutters(which allow the top section to be opened independently) and cafe-style shutters, which only cover the bottom half of the window. They can be made in virtually any size or shape – triangular, arched, even circular – and can be colour-matched to suit your desired look.

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