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Why Plantation Shutters are the perfect choice

Plantation Shutters are growing in popularity throughout the UK and are the perfect addition to any home. They provide a versatile window covering that represents a stylish, affordable, secure, low maintenance and flexible alternative to curtains, blinds and other window coverings.

They have been around since the Ancient Greeks and they spread from the Mediterranean areas to the Americas with the Spanish colonisation of the New World, becoming widely used in the cotton and sugar plantation owners’ mansions and villas. Hence the term plantation shutters came into being.

There are two main types of shutters – one with solid panels, and one with slats known as louvres. The louvres can either be fixed, or movable through a tilt mechanism. You can also choose different size slats to drastically change the nature of a room. Smaller slats will reduce light levels, while larger slats will ensure more privacy for overlooked or larger windows.

Shutters are available in a wide variety of colours and materials, making them a great match for most contemporary style interiors. Extremely easy to operate compared to curtains or blinds and considerably less time consuming it’s not too difficult to see why window shutters are becoming so popular in both modern and traditional homes. From increasing property prices, to halving your heating bill, the reasons for choosing shutters are endless.


Fitting quality hardwood shutters in a room increases the value of your property by giving it an authentic bespoke feel. The contemporary and crisp shutters will make any room feel more modern and are the perfect covering for unsightly PVC windows. Plantation Shutters can be used with absolute confidence in any setting, blending effortlessly with both modern and antique furniture.

Privacy & light control

Plantation Shutters can both cover rooms at eye level blocking peering eyes from street level, while the top half of the windows remain free for natural light to enter. Controlling light levels in a room is made easy with shutters. Open the shutters fully to let sunlight stream into a room, or angle the slats upwards to keep the sun from fading expensive furniture. And with a UV protective finishing, you can be assured that your shutters will block out any light without themselves fading.

Thermal insulation

Plantation Shutters are adept at insulating homes. During Summer and Winter, shutters provide protection from the elements, including the sun’s heat and glare, and insulating rooms from the cold by providing an extra layer of warmth and protection. The louvres can be adjusted for air flow as required. By closing your shutters at dusk, you can trap in natural heat and substantially reduce your heating costs.

External noise reduction

Not only do Plantation Shutters give your house a contemporary feel, a fully-closed wooden shutter is a perfect natural noise barrier. Additionally, while blinds may bang and rattle around, the sturdy build of shutters allows them to be completely noiseless.

Easy to clean

Having dust in your home is not only unsightly, but can be a breeding ground for allergy producing dust mites. Dust on our Plantation Shutters can simply be wiped away, far easier than blinds and curtains.

Perfectly fitted to any window

Unlike blinds, which are often mass-produced, Plantation Shutters can be designed and fitted to suit any window. Our made-to-measure shutters are specially made to fit your windows within the millimetre. With many colours and materials to choose from, our shutters are fully customisable to suit any home.

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